Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Installing SharePoint 2013 Preview in 3 Easy Steps

First, A few caveats

This was a quick installation. From start to finish, including time for downloads and windows updates, it took about 4.5 hours. I intended it to be a developer environment...not a production or even QA quality installation. I just wanted an environment up and running as quickly as possible.

Also, I do not outline every button I clicked in the three easy steps below. But, I did take time to highlight the important steps.

So, here they are...3 easy steps

1) Install Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard Edition

I started with a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard Edition (x64) iso file. I provisioned a new VM in VMWare on a Laptop using the iso file. I gave it 1 CPU with 4 cores , 12 GB of RAM, and 150 GB of hard disk space.

After the OS was installed, I did all the usual things:
  • Enabled RDP
  • Ran Windows Update
  • Etc...
One thing of special note...I manually enabled the Web Server Role on the server so that .Net 3.5 would be installed. I then ran Windows Update again.

2) Install SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition

I started with the SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition (x64) iso file. I mounted the file on a virtual drive and ran through the setup. If you already installed the web server role, you should have no issues.

3) Install SharePoint Server 2013 Preview

I started with the SharePoint Server 2013 Preview img file. I mounted the file on my VM and first ran the prerequisite installer.

I then installed the three hotfixes highlighted in this document:

For your reference, the 3 Hotfixes that need to be installed after the prerequisites are installed are linked below:

I then started the SharePoint Server 2013 installation.

The installation completed and a few clicks later, the configuration wizard was running.

After the configuration wizard was complete, I created a web application and a site collection with a Team Site and viola!